JDFF was born out of Jonathon & Christine’s mutual passion for
philanthropic efforts focusing on inspiring and

empowering people to make the world a better place by providing a
hand up, through education, kindness and generosity.


We are changing how the world feels about energy drinks and empowering individuals, one sip at a time.
No Taurine. No Guarana. No Niacin. No Yohimbe. No Toxic Chemicals.

No Alternative.

FolliCeuticals MD™ is a comprehensive hair system that combines a topical
and a dietary supplement to enhance in-office treatments with
an at-home program.
It’s one more way Eclipse is keeping dermatologists and
their patients ahead of the curve.

Clay Lacy Aviation was founded in 1968 by legendary aviator and industry pioneer Clay Lacy. Prominent individuals and leading corporations trust
Clay Lacy Aviation for their private jet charter and management needs.
Clay Lacy Aviation is the world’s most experienced operator of private jets.

Go Charity offers three great auction services to
support your event’s fundraising needs.